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Column Rates

THE VILLAGER, is the home of “Flat Rate Column Inch Pricing!”

We offer the very low price of just $19.00 per column inch*; no matter if it is for a display ad, classified ad, or announcement. We believe in fair, honest no-nonsense, hassle-free pricing. If your print communication requires color, we charge an additional $200.00 to your original ad price per week.

We offer 10% discounts for ad campaigns lasting at least 4 weeks. Ads do not have to run consecutively to receive our discount; however, a campaign for 4 weeks or more is required and must be agreed upon by both THE VILLAGER and the client. Campaigns lasting 13 weeks or more will receive a 15% discount. Same run rules apply as the 4 or more-week campaigns.

*Samples of our column inch rates may be found in this media kit.

*Prices affective July 1, 2023.

$19.00 (Flat Rate) per column inch
$17.10* per column inch
(*10% off with at least a 4-week contract)
$16.15** per column inch
(**15% off with at least a 13-week contract)
Color $200.00 (Flat Rate)

To view our sample rate sheet, click Sample Rate Sheet

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